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Career Development

At Contech

Your Career, Our Focus

Contech's career development program consists of a number of tools and resources available to all students during their master's degree program. Our Career Development Team will assist you in a variety of career services, which are complementary to your core curriculum. We can provide you with advice and resources to set you on the right path for a professional career, including putting you in touch with our mentors who are working in professional fields.

Each program at Contech is created for students who are looking to gain practical and job-related knowledge for a career in the tech industry. Our programs provide students with both theoretical and activity-based learning, enabling them to enhance their careers. The curriculum encompasses a variety of courses ranging from fundamentals to the latest topics. The total length of each program is 1 year with 30 credit hours.

Whether you need guidance determining an academic path for your chosen career or need assistance navigating the job market after graduation, we are ready to help.

1:1 with an experienced mentor

Start your career journey with mentorship from a professional leader!

Professional network

Faculty members hailing from some of the top universities and organizations worldwide and students from different backgrounds are excellent networking opportunities for you!

At Contech

We Will Support You In Finding a Job

At Contech, you are joining practicums (internships) during your studies in the technology field while gaining networking opportunities. We prepare our students to become skilled and productive members of the global workforce.

Career Service Center

Career Service Center serves Contech students making an impact around the world by providing career guidance and advice.

Career Service Center offers students expert guidance as well as tools to improve essential business skills, including:

  • Meet Your Career Mentor
  • Optimize Your Resume and Cover Letter
  • Job Searching Skills
  • Interview Techniques
  • Career Planning

Career Service Center is accessible to Contech’s students throughout the course of their education, as well as after they become graduates.

Employment Network

Our international community of faculty and students provides a global networking community. Faculty members hailing from some of the top universities, companies and organizations worldwide, and students from different backgrounds are excellent networking opportunities for you!

Our growing employment network aims to broaden the career opportunities as well as strengthen the career options for Contech students. Contech partners with world renowned corporations and organizations, to open the door to excellent networking opportunities for our students, which in turn, broadens their employment opportunities.

Contech is dedicated to developing students’ networking abilities by offering a thriving community. Students gain the skills to utilize these connections in real life work experience.

Virtual Career Events

Career Services Center provides a full range of events and networking sessions to directly link employers with Contech students. Virtual Career Events are a great chance to network and learn about potential internship and job opportunities.


Mentoring program hosts several mentoring resources available to students, as well as providing opportunities for connections between mentors and mentees. Your mentor can be a useful resource at any point in your career. You can direct your life with our mentors who encourage you to pursue your professional goals.