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Estimated Expenses

We Offer

The Lowest Possible Cost

International universities will charge substantial amounts on faculty and facilities that students never use. They also include incredibly large graduation fees as high as $90,000 per annum.

At Contech, we approach differently.

Our commitment to keeping operating costs low enables us to maintain tuition that is about a fraction of that of other top universities. We solely charge what is compulsory to provide an exceptional education, inclusive of top faculty, maintaining small class sizes, offering innovative curriculum and challenging courses, and continually advancing the capabilities of the Active Learning Forum.

Students will not discover manicured gardens or million-dollar climbing walls at Contech because lavish amenities as such are believed to be superfluous to actual learning. By devoting every cent to independent student growth and development, Contech has proven that the value of education can far exceed its cost – not the other way around.