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Ali El-Sharif


Ali El-Sharif is a seasoned technology professional with extensive experience in managing local, global, and geographically diverse cross-functional teams. He excels in delivering quality solutions and overseeing multiple concurrent projects within software development, application maintenance, integration, and infrastructure. Holding a Ph.D. in Information Systems, his research focuses on Machine Learning Interpretability and Responsible Artificial Intelligence. As a college educator in Data Analytics and IT Security, Ali brings practical insights into his teaching. His data science expertise encompasses programming languages and tools such as R, Python, PySpark, sci-kit-learn, SQL, Pandas, PowerBI, and Apache Hadoop. With a proven track record of leading complex project portfolios with annual budgets exceeding $5 million USD, Ali has successfully negotiated vendor and customer agreements, executed transformational changes during periods of rapid growth and cost-reduction, and achieved significant results. He is PMI Certified (PMP), an Agile Certified Professional, a Scrum Master, and ITIL Certified, with experience in both Waterfall and Agile Methodologies (RUP and Scrum). Ali’s career spans various industries, including Oil & Gas, Automotive, Banking, Health Care, Consumer Electronics, Finance, and Staffing.