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Admission & Tuition


We create the digital future

We strive to select ambitious and imaginative students. We have been diligent in developing exceptional admissions procedures which embody a unique experience, preparing students for the upcoming academic year. Our admissions team focuses primarily on thoroughly assessing students’ academic potential.

  • Drive and curiosity
  • The desire for a positive impact
  • Ability to collaborate efficiently
  • Passion for digital technologies
What are the

Admission Requirements?

Candidates must have a bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university. The recommended minimum GPA is 3.0 on a four-point scale, however, strong candidates who do not meet the minimum GPA are still encouraged to apply.

admission reqs

Master of Science in Digital Marketing

  • Bachelor’s degree of Business Administration Or any Bachelor’s degree with 2 years’ experience in Business Administration or Management related industries.
  • C.V. or Linkedin Account
  • Proof for English Proficiency – See details here.
Master of Science in Computer Science
  • Bachelor’s degree of Computer Sciences Or Other Bachelor’s degree with 2 years’ experience in Computer related industries.
  • C.V. or Linkedin Account
  • Proof for English Proficiency – See details here.

Technology Requirements

Please check the technology requirements to attend our online programs.

Flexible entrance requirements—no GRE required.
You want to

become an expert on Machine Learning


At Contech, we want to attract the most talented students. We want to challenge your ambitions and imaginations in our admission process.



1- Apply to the selected program with the start date.2- Fill out the application form and submit. 3- Pay the application fee of $30 (non-refundable).
The Admission Committee will review your application at this step. Once the Admission Committee approves your application you will receive an email for the next step for Selection.


In this step, you need to complete two short assessments, upload necessary documents and upload a short video answering the requested questions (or you may also book a zoom interview with an admissions officer). Admission committee will review your documents and test scores to give you a final answer for acceptance.
Documents to be uploaded:*Certificate of graduation*Transcript*Proof for English Proficiency (for international applicants)The requirement for official transcript submission is within one enrollment period, not exceeding 12 semester credit hours.


If you are accepted to the university, you will be receiving your acceptance letter. Additionally, you will be receiving your enrollment agreements alongside the school catalog and school performance sheet to sign digitally, within 3 days. After signing the enrollment documents you are officially enrolled as a Contech student. The community team will be welcoming you to the university and you will be joining our hub.
We Offer

No Tuition, Yes Fellowship

Here at Contech, you have an option to pick Fellowship Plan, where we cancel your tuition fees in exchange of your peer support. You will only required to pay assessment fees for each course.


You can pay the full tuition rates and opt-out from the Fellowship model.

We are committed to keeping our operating costs low. This allows us to maintain tuition that only costs a fraction of the top universities. Our only charge is what is needed to provide quality education. We do this through highly qualified faculty and an innovative curriculum that offers challenging courses. We are continuously broadening the capabilities of the Active Learning Forums.

Tuition Cost 2024-2025

Fellowship Model

Computer Science Digital Marketing
Cost per course assessment $400 $400
Total number of courses 10 10
Total cost for program $4,000 $4,000

Credit Based Model

Computer Science Digital Marketing
Cost per credit hour* $400 $400
Total number of credits 30 30
Total tuition for program $12,000 $12,000

*Course assessment fees are included in the cost of credits.