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Fellowship Model


No Tuition, Yes Fellowship

At Contech, we’re pioneering a revolutionary approach to education, moving away from traditional tuition fees and towards a unique fellowship model. In this model, students are not charged for instruction, textbooks, or any of the usual campus fees. Instead, they play an active role in our learning community, offering support and assistance to their peers. This involvement is more than just an exchange of knowledge; it’s a commitment to mutual growth and success.

Our innovative system fosters a vibrant, cooperative environment where every student contributes to the collective learning experience. By helping one another, students gain deeper insights and understandings, enriching their educational journey. This approach not only eliminates the financial barriers associated with higher education but also cultivates a strong sense of community and collaboration among our students.

Only Pay For

Course Assessment

While tuition is not part of the Contech experience, we do require a minimal assessment fee for each course. This fee directly supports our instructors, ensuring they can provide comprehensive feedback and maintain the high quality of education Contech is known for. Through this model, we aim to make higher education more accessible and affordable, allowing students from diverse backgrounds to achieve their academic and professional goals without the burden of traditional costs.
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Our model thrives on peer-to-peer collaboration, making every learning experience a shared adventure. This approach not only makes education more affordable but also fosters a strong sense of community and mutual support among our students.
We strive for

Afforable and Accessible

By focusing on online learning, we eliminate the need for expensive campus facilities and infrastructure, passing those savings directly to our students. This way, we ensure that our degrees are not only accessible and community-centered and high quality.

In summary, “No Tuition, Yes Fellowship” is more than just a financial model; it’s a commitment to making education accessible to all, encouraging engagement, and building a community of learners ready to support each other and succeed together.