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About Contech

Digital Leaders

Our History

Founded in 2021, Contemporary Technology University (Contech) emerged out of a critical observation: the widening gap in the technology skills market. With 15 years of collective experience in the education industry and having educated over 45,000 students, our team at Contech recognized that conventional academic approaches were falling short in equipping students for the challenges posed by rapid technological advancements.

The Adventurous and future Digital Leaders!

Mission: Contemporary Technology University (Contech) is a global university of applied sciences dedicated to advancing the field of technology through high-quality distance education. Our mission is to cultivate independent tech talents by developing students with solid character and broad perspectives. We are committed to preparing our students for effective leadership and active engagement in a global society by leveraging innovative online learning platforms and methodologies. Contech strives to ensure that all students, regardless of their geographical location, have access to our transformative educational experiences, fostering a diverse and inclusive community of learners and leaders.

Visionary Goals: Nurturing Innovators
Our ultimate aim is to furnish students with the multifaceted skills they need to navigate and resolve the complex issues generated by modern technology. To achieve this, we’ve designed programs that go beyond traditional curricula to include the fundamentals of innovation. This innovation-centric approach provides our students with the vision and adaptability to carve unique pathways in their careers.

Dynamic Curriculum: A Launchpad for Tech Careers
At Contech, we don’t just teach; we empower. Our curricula are meticulously crafted to expose students to a multitude of opportunities in cutting-edge sectors like Computer Science, Data Science, Machine Learning, and Digital Marketing. The academic experience at Contech is not a static one but a dynamic journey that allows our students to harness the vast potential within these technical fields.


Contemporary Technology University will lead the applied sciences profession by providing innovative programs and services for the students of the 21st century. Students of Contemporary Technology University will be strategically positioned to lead, influence, and contribute to their communities locally, nationally, and globally for the improvement of the human condition. To accomplish this, we will

  • Promote an engaging and intellectually stimulating learning environment
  • Encourage change and innovation
  • Act with integrity, openness, and value diversity

We adapt to the market

We have designed courses that are rigorous but extremely versatile. Our courses revolve around dynamic fields such as Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Digital Marketing. Just like Contech, these fields are constantly developing, our team continuously pilots these courses so that our students stay ahead of the learning curve. We have a team of world-class designers, experts, and tutors who regularly monitor and manage our curriculum to ensure our students are learning the right skills that are consistent and relevant to the technology industry. We even go one step further and incorporate feedback, insights, and proprietary assessments into our course content so that our students assert true impact when they step into the industry.
Our mission ends not only with providing our students the best education but also strive to create employee networks for our students. We use top tech hubs globally instead of traditional campus spaces, which further allows our students to achieve their dreams. The three core strengths of Contech are global presence, tech networking opportunities, and linkage to top hiring partners. In accordance with one of our strengths, we also have a pool of industry professionals who act as instructors, mentors, and coaches for our students. Our system has allowed our graduates to enhance their careers as well as their networking abilities.

Licensing to Operate as a Degree Granting Institution

Contemporary Technology University has received approval in January 2021 from the Bureau for Private Postsecondary Education in accordance with the provisions of California Education Code 94866 or 94890, to offer the following degree programs:
• Master of Science in Computer Science (w/ specialization in AI & Machine Learning)
• Master of Science in Computer Science (w/ specialization in Data Science)
• Master of Science in Digital Marketing

backed by the

Academic Community

When we created Contech, we ensured that our Academic Council has successfully fostered strong relationships with scientific communities.

These scientific communities have decades of experience in creating highly effective learning environments that our students can fully utilize. Our Academic Council has always delivered and provided our students the latest insights in the fields of technology. Furthermore, our professors, researchers and lectures share our drive for excellence and constantly motivate our students to take responsibility and lead.

Academic Community