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Contemporary Technology University

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An innovative university for

Tomorrow's Digital Pioneers.

Contemporary Technology University, based in Palo Alto - California, is a revolutionary university of applied sciences, offering online master's degree programs in the field of technology.

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We Will Support You In Finding a Job

Contech’s career development program consists of a number of tools, resources, and facilitations available to all students during their master’s degree program. Our Career Development Team will assist you in a variety of career services, which are complementary to your core curriculum.

We bring this expertise to you in preparation for your big interviews ahead, including unique techniques and strategies, leading you to success!

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Designed for

The Best Outcome

Choosing to study at Contech will provide an unparalleled educational experience. Our innovative programs are uniquely designed to ensure you are equipped with the tools to succeed in the workplace of the future.

Skill Development

Contech encourages and supports students to improve their soft skills as well as their technical skills. The student-centered approach provides enhancement of productive personality traits such as self-discipline, time management and timework. By learning and utilising the most recent tools used in related fields, we support students to enhance their technical skills.

Online Learning

We hold a commitment to improve the 21-century skills corresponding to the present fast-paced digital world. Contech offers a well-designed online learning environment that facilitates students to combine these skills with the effective use of technology to succeed in current and future jobs through a 360-degree digital learning experience – embedding knowledge and understanding within a pragmatic environment.


Our professors’ main goal is to support students in experiencing and mastering challenging projects with the expertise to consistently reflect creatively and collaboratively. Contech’s professors focus on enabling students to have purposeful, distinct, first-hand experiences throughout their educational programs.
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Upcoming Online Events

Sunny Banerjea

Host: Ipek Polat

Power of Leadership

May 31, 02:00 PM UTC

Leadership effectively understood and executed can help you succeed in all that you wish to achieve. Sunny will share how to navigate complex life, people and corporate objectives to meet your life goals and do so while being happy, managing stress and building a sustainable network.

Kirsty Chadwick

Host: Ipek Polat

Microlearning – Learning In The Flow Of Life

June 8, 12:00 PM UTC

With such a rapid pace of change happening around us, increasingly learning design is being focused on microlearning and micro-credentials allowing learning to be more aligned to the pace and needs of work and life.


Your Imagination

At Contech, we aim to attract the most talented, not the most privileged. We seek to challenge the ambition and imagination of our students in the admission process.

Motivated for

Challenging the Traditional Learning System


Sequenced Learning Path

Sustaining high quality requires time! Contech offers you enough time to engage in each course individually to store information in your long-term memory, retrieve it in order to apply it in solving real-world problems and make sense of it in different contexts. Having one course at a time will increase your information retention ability and eventually, execution. As a student completes one course, access is granted to the next one.


Responsive to Change

Contech’s student-centric and flexible attitude facilitates our students’ ability to adapt to fast-paced changes in the outside world. Being responsive to change will enable you to stabilize the balance between your personal and professional demands. You can achieve all your goals and go the extra mile without overloading yourself!



Contech’s distinctively designed Practicums allow students to develop further understanding of their specialized fields of study by translating their knowledge into actual work, providing opportunities to apply and integrate prior classroom learning.


Extra-curricular Activities

The power of the digital world – Contech prepares you to build networking opportunities with the industry leaders by bringing you together with expertise from all around the world! Students will be provided with extracurricular activities that involve enhancing their branding, gaining news skills around searching for jobs and mastering the interview process, hence getting the best offer from a potential employer.

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