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Contemporary Technology University is a global educational institution of applied sciences in which offers Masters Degree Programs in the field of technology for the independent tech talents of the world "the digital nomads".

An innovative university for

Tomorrow's Digital Pioneers.

Our purpose is to empower students to lead the digital economy and shape their own futures. Discover how digital technology can make the world a better place.

We Want To Invest In You

and reveal the best version of you

Start your career with a 30% tuition upfront and pay the rest after graduation and when you land a high-paying job

welcome to

The University for Digital Wanderers

Contemporary Technology University is a new kind of university of digital wanderers. Contech Students are provided with studying and take advantage of living and learning in four different cities
San Francisco, New York, Berlin & Singapore.

Succeed Now, Pay Later!

Commence your academic path with a small fee upfront, and pay the remainder of your tuition solely upon landing a high-paying job - until you do, you will not be obligated to pay. It is that simple, and it is to that extent we believe in the leading quality of our academic programs and our institution.

Become a Digital Nomad!

Contemporary Technology University guarantees support through leveraging technology in order to enable students to work from anywhere in the world, to experience various cultures and to incorporate core personal competencies through one's studies inclusive of professional development.

Project-based Learning

Contemporary Technology University approaches academics from a non-traditional perspective. This includes challenging projects, where students will be granted the opportunity to incorporate their past unique experiences in order to generate initial projects which will cultivate inspiring proposals.
Designed for

The Best Outcome

Choosing to study at Contech will provide an unparalleled education experience. Our innovative programs are uniquely designed to ensure you are equipped with the tools to succeed in the workplace of the future.

Sequenced Learning Path

The students have to finish one course at a time. As the student completes one course, access is granted to the next one. This approach increases information retention and eventually, execution.


Students are expected to attend the Practicum program which provides opportunities to apply their new skills in real-life case studies. Practicums are provided with partner companies which is an essential part of the employability aspect of our curriculum.

Extracurricular Activities

Students will be provided with extracurricular activities that involve enhancing their branding, gaining news skills about searching for jobs and mastering the interview process, and getting the best offer from a potential employer.
choose from


As a Contech student, you can choose from 3 experience options:


Nomad World Tour

As a Contech Nomad Student you will take advantage of living and learning in four different world cities, San Francisco, New York, Berlin, and Singapore (as a bonus, a Bali vacation). every 3 months, you travel to the next location with your classmates, stay together, meet with local tech communities and of course, engage with local employers.

Hybrid Option

As a hybrid option, you are offered 9 months of online study and 3 months to study in your choice of city. Delivery of the program is structured online thus you are typically required to attend lectures three evenings per week and weekend workshops in the format of online instruction, workshops, 1-1 mentoring, and group case studies.

Online Option

Contech offers a 100% online study option where you are typically required to attend lectures on three evenings per week and weekend workshops in the format of online instruction, workshops, 1-1 mentoring, and group case studies.
Motivated for

Challenging the Traditional Learning System


Skill Development

Contech students possess exceptional competencies alongside thorough proficiency in the field of expertise. Eager to discover the unknown possibilities of the digital transformation in which global societies are encountering and exploring.


Digital Learning

Our area of practice is quite wide: design, graphics, branding, development. The experts who work at our web design studio know exactly how to make your project unique, fresh, and profitable.



Contech’s distinctively designed Practicums allow students to develop a further understanding of their specialized fields of study by translating their knowledge to actual work, providing opportunities to apply and integrate prior classroom learning.



Our professors main goal is to support students in experiencing and in mastering challenging projects with the sustainable expertise to consistently reflect creatively and collaboratively. Contech’s professors focus on enabling students to have purposeful, distinct, first-hand experiences throughout their educational programs.


Your Imagination

At Contech, we aim to intrigue the most talented, not the most privileged. We seek to challenge the ambitions and imaginations of our unique admission process.

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