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Educational Approach


Collaborative Pedagogical Approach

Contemporary Technology University is aware of adults’ specific learning characteristics and needs, and embraces a collaborative pedagogical approach, and incorporates instructional models such as the 4E Learning Cycle. Each course adapts its daily content in a learning cycle that helps students build a strong foundation of knowledge through active participation. Each course activity is designed as a part of cognitive stages of learning that comprise engaging, exploring, extending, and evaluating.

Live Sessions

Including lecturing sessions and workshops

Self-paced sessions

Including discussions, action learning sets, quizzes, weekly assignments, and final project

Live Sessions Work

60% of each course consists of synchronous sessions. These sessions do not only include simply instructor-led lectures but also multimedia contents, workshops, and interactive exercises.


Online lectures accommodate the fundamental adult learning instructional design elements such as real-world problem-solving practices.

Course Structure

Each course here at Contech lasts for a month. A typical 4-week structure involves 3 learning days, Monday, Wednesday & Friday, every week. On each learning day, students have 2 hours of live lectures and 1 hour of a live workshop. Between learning days, students are provided with weekly assignments and group discussions to cultivate the learning outcomes of the lecturing sessions. The week ends with a highly engaging active learning session.


Self-paced sessions work

40% of each course consists of asynchronous sessions including a rich variety of collaborative learning activities. We constantly revise the efficiency of them benefiting from online education researched-based strategies. We recognize the best-known theoretical frameworks and integrate them into our teaching practice. Each course encourages students to create a sense of community and meaningful learning through active participation designed with the Community of Inquiry (CoI) framework. Discussion forums engage them in well-qualified interactions combined with social, cognitive, and teaching presence. Action learning sets offer an opportunity for rich, relevant, and highly applied learning with group collaboration. We integrate different learning models in our workshops such as the 4MAT model taking into account different ways people learn to provide a great opportunity for learners to practice the concepts, construct meaning together, synthesize information, and evaluate their progress and knowledge.

each course

Assessment Works

Contemporary Technology University recognizes the importance of using different assessment and feedback types. All courses support the learning process with a combination of formative, summative, and peer assessments and timely feedback. Each course has a course project to be evaluated based on the accepted methods at the Master’s degree level with a project report to be submitted at the end as a measure of summative assessment to gauge a student's successful attainment of the course learning outcomes. In addition to the grade, feedback and comments on several works are provided to the student as part of the grading and assessment procedure.