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The Contech community feeds students’ souls by intellectual stimulation exchanging ideas, fostering curiosity, which triggers their creativity.

Welcome to

Contech community

This community is designed to serve as a unique extracurricular activity to help you make the most of your Contech  experience. We facilitate digital services as an integral part of Contech’s  learning experience and offer a variety of valuable event sessions throughout the academic year. 

Students are given the opportunity to join in ideathons, hackathons and online event series as an extracurricular activity. These online event series are organized by the Standouts.

  • Workshops
  • Online events
  • Hackathons
  • Ideathons
  • Game nights
  • Movie screening
Every Week

Information Sessions

In this information session, we present Contech experience, information about our programs. We cover all the general topics needed to know in this 30-minute session. Besides, we go over the course and answering any questions you may have for our program and we continue with steps to Enrollment, Admission Process and Programs followed by a Q&A section.


The Contech Community Slack Workspace 

#Standouts channel: Find out about the next event Standouts is hosting, and which upcoming events

#Community channel: Join your cohort’s private channel, find friends who share your interests by joining this channel for art lovers, video game fans, pet owners and many more.

#Hired channel: Browse the public announcements and job postings

Who are the


Standouts is the community of achieved people to share stories, thoughts, and patterns for the consistently developing digital ecosystem. In the series of online events, we will be discussing the fundamental advances we need to take for the forthcoming years to meet our business objectives, digital transformation, development, digital Darwinism, and adaptation to the new world.


Contech Intro Meeting

As a Community, we act as a bridge between our university and students. To discuss community engagement program and get to know each other in an informal environment, that meeting has been scheduled.