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Grading Policy

The institution adopts a multifaceted approach to grading, emphasizing the holistic development of a student. The grading system is divided into three primary components:

Participation & Live Session Attendance: While this forms an essential part of the grading system, its primary purpose is to ensure active engagement and involvement of students throughout the course. Regular participation and attendance provide students with the necessary insights and clarifications, aiding their understanding of the subject matter.

Assignments: Assignments carry significant weight in the overall grading. They are designed to assess the student’s understanding, analytical skills, and application of the course material. Successfully completing and excelling in these assignments is crucial for students to pass the courses.

Course Project: This is another major component of the grading system. The course project allows students to apply their knowledge in practical scenarios, thereby showcasing their comprehensive understanding and proficiency in the subject.

While assignments and course projects form the cornerstone of the grading process due to their substantial weightage, participation and live session attendance serve as enhancers, ensuring students remain actively involved and benefit fully from the learning experience.

Description Points
Participation & live sessions (workshops and lectures) attendance30
Weekly Assignments and projects30
Final course project and course project report40
Total Points Possible100