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Is a Master’s Degree in Tech Worth It?

Technologies are evolving at a breathtaking pace.

The industry is growing so fast, and new technologies appear instantly thanks to the brightest minds in the world. Hence more and more people want to enter and conquer this career field, proper education is an integral part of the process.

Though some of you might think that a master’s degree is not that important and doesn’t affect your career that much, it’s not quite true. In fact, graduate education can give a serious boost to your professional life and positively influence your salary and life standards.

A master’s degree not just increases your chances of getting a job but guarantees you a higher income. According to the latest data by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, by the year 2022, 18% of employers will require a master’s degree from their candidates. Also, the median weekly salary of people with a master’s degree is $235 more than people who earned only their Bachelor’s.

Speaking of personal development, a master’s degree allows a person to gain even more profound industry knowledge, acquire and hone soft and hard skills. Moreover, unlike undergraduate studies, graduate education might give you broader opportunities in terms of networking (both personal and professional), which might be useful in your career life. Earned master’s degree will also add you credibility so you can create a strong, reliable reputation in a career world and climb the ladder faster.

Here are three famous people who will inspire you and prove that the master’s degree is essential for career success. Their passion for technologies as well as relevant graduate education has helped them achieve such outstanding career results.

The first influential person in the tech world with an MS degree is Satya Nadella, CEO of world-famous Microsoft. He has finished his MS in computer science and graduated from the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee as well as received an MBA from the University of Chicago.

Reed Hastings is another person who never regretted getting his Master’s degree in computer science. CEO of renowned media service and production company Netflix has graduated with his MS from Stanford University.

CEO of Google Sundar Pichai has also graduated from Stanford University. He has finished his master’s degree in material sciences and engineering. In addition, he has obtained an MBA from the University of Pennsylvania.

The importance of education for career development and success is undeniable. A master’s degree will never lose its value and benefits, especially in the tech field. With the advent of more powerful technologies such as machine learning and artificial intelligence, more career opportunities occur. In order to be a competent professional and stand out from the crowd, master’s degree can become a decisive factor, will add value to the job market, and will allow you achieve faster career and salary growth.

So is a master’s degree worth it, absolutely!