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Advisory Council Member

Carol Pineau


Carol Pineau is a seasoned journalist and documentary filmmaker with over two decades dedicated to reshaping narratives about Africa. Recognized for her balanced, nuanced storytelling, her work has been a catalyst for reimagining the continent’s place in the global landscape. Her seminal film, “Africa Open for Business,” won BBC Documentary of the Year and sparked “Open for Business” campaigns in multiple African countries. Specializing in high-impact media projects, Carol brings to light a modern, dynamic Africa that, while not without challenges, faces the future with optimism and innovation. Currently, she hosts two influential shows, “Africa Forward” with Foreign Policy and “Africa-USA Now” with the World Trade Center. Her extensive on-the-ground experience includes postings in Nairobi for VOA, where she covered 12 East African nations, and in Eritrea for CNN, reporting on a major conflict. Carol’s expertise is sought after by leading media companies, institutions, and governmental bodies both in the United States and across Africa.