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Advisory Council Member

Chris Severson


Chris is a versatile senior executive with a rich background in various sectors ranging from FMCG and Pharma to Financial Services and Construction. Initially trained as a TOPGUN F/A-18 pilot, Chris has mastered the art of leadership under pressure. He currently serves as a Business Advisor to Armstrong Wolfe, a COO Advisory Firm, and as a Non-Executive Director for 4-CT. Passionate about building high-performing teams and driving innovation, Chris excels in roles requiring strategic vision, courageous decision-making, and timely execution. He leverages a unique approach to problem-solving, employing heuristics to address complex business challenges. Outside of his professional pursuits, Chris is a fitness enthusiast who enjoys skiing, running, and CrossFit. He is a dedicated father to three daughters and has a keen interest in public speaking, writing, and fostering innovative approaches to leadership.