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Associate Professor

Farhad Malek Ashgar


Farhad Malek-Asghar, a seasoned Leader Senior Database Administrator from San Francisco, California, brings a rich international background to his work in the information technology sector. Born into a family of diplomats, Farhad spent his formative years living in Poland, France, and India, gaining invaluable exposure to various languages and cultures. His early travels also included an enriching three-month road trip from Warsaw to Turkey. He holds a B.S. and M.S. in Information Technology and Computer Science from San Jose State and Golden Gate University. Balancing full-time work with his studies, Farhad has amassed 25 years of experience across diverse areas of the competitive IT field. Currently, he serves in a pivotal role managing and architecting corporate databases, as well as offering strategic guidance to both developer and management teams. In his leisure time, Farhad enjoys exploring the Bay Area’s natural beauty with his wife and daughters, from the beaches to the hiking trails of Berkeley Hills.