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Adjunct Professor

Julio Sanoja


Julio Sanoja is an environmental engineer from University of Michigan class of 1983, and a chemical engineer from Universidad Simón Bolívar class of 1980. He has been strategically designing and executing SEO and digital marketing projects since 2002. He has given conferences, workshops, and courses about Google, SEO, digital marketing, and digital advertising since 2002. Julio has 40 years of experience in entrepreneurship, strategy, business, marketing, and sales; and 20 years of experience in digital marketing, consulting, strategy, SEO, and digital advertising. He has written and published 280 articles about Google, SEO, digital marketing, and digital advertising.

Julio Sanoja has worked for and with global brands such as Exxon, Dow Chemical, Gulf Oil, Harbison Walker, Cambridge International Consulting, IMG Academy, Pfizer, AstraZeneca, Sandoz, Mercedes Benz. He has also worked for small and medium size companies.