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President, Board of Directors

Volkan Karabacak


Volkan Karabacak is a seasoned entrepreneur and academic with a strong focus on e-learning and higher education. Based in Palo Alto, California, he is the Founder and President of Contemporary Technology University, an institution that reflects his deep expertise in entrepreneurship, venture capital, and higher education. His prior experience includes founding Edbase and Üniversite Plus, initiatives aimed at democratizing education and providing interactive learning experiences. Volkan’s academic background is equally impressive; he holds degrees in Molecular Biology Bogazici University, as well as further studies in Microbiology and Immunology from Michigan State University and the Harvard School of Public Health. As an entrepreneur with a strong research background, Volkan has contributed to scientific publications in areas like T-cell signaling and insulin sensitivity. His multifaceted skill set in entrepreneurship, venture capital, and academic research makes him a dynamic leader in both the business and academic worlds.